måndag 8 april 2013

From Holland with love!

Så härligt lätt det är att hitta andra inredningsälskare världen över genom Instagram. En av mina favoriter är Laura Short med Instagram-namnet poppetshort. Efter att ha sett hennes inlägg blev jag nyfiken på veta mer om den lilla familjen från Alkmaar i Holland. Här delar jag med mig av bilder från deras hem och Lauras bästa shoppingtips.

Translation: I found Laura Short aka poppetshort on Instagram. I love her sense of style and her great taste in Scandinavian design. She was kind enough to share some photos of her home and tell me more about her family and thoughts about interior decoration.

This is the home of Laura, Christopher and little Magnus Odin.
Laura was born in the Netherlands and Christopher was born in England. After living in England they are now living in Alkmaar, Holland. Laura describes it as a sweet town with lots of canals and cobbled streets. And with good vintage shops too! But they do have thoughts on moving to Sweden or Denmark where Christopher lived for a while. They love the style and nature of both Sweden and Denmark.
Laura works in health insurance, not her dream job. (that would be being a stylist probably, or a photographer) but it allows her to work with people and health care. And it does finances her internet shopping! You can find Laura´s favorite web-shops at the end.

Laura describe her style as a Scandinavian calm but with designer classics and a lots of vintage thrown in! She love mixing white with pattern, for example white walls with Liberty of London fabrics or artistic prints. 
 -My house isn't nearly as finished, but I like it being a "work in progress" and I love seeing it develop with time. I also think it's important to have humour in my home, things don't have to be too serious or grown up.I find inspiration on blogs, magazines, Instagram and vintage markets. I like seeing one's personality reflected in ones home, and that is what inspires me most. My favourite things in my home are made my creative people like yourself! I love knowing that most of the things in my home are created by someone in their homes, rather than a factory. I love my owl drawing that I bought from you on AprillAprill, my wooden houses from Fabechs Fabrik and my cloud mobile made by Clara Hagen. I also love all the vintage things with an history, Laura says.

Framed Stockholm-illustrations by Olle Eksell mixed with family photos

The table and chairs Laura´s son uses for drawing were used in Dutch primary schools for over 30 years.


Laura loves the fact that Magnus sleeps in his grandfather´s vintage bed.

The kitchen was handmade by the previous owners.

Welcome to Sweden anytime, Laura! Thank you for the visit!

Laura´s favorite web-shops:

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  1. Vilket hem! Otroligt fint och inspirerande. Tack för insta-tipset!


  2. Beautiful, lovely home, look like a happy home too.

  3. Love her home, does she have a blog?

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  5. Dear, dear Laura. I think you might read this ;) Your home is SO lovely! <3 XXX Maja

  6. Nice pics! Tack för länkarna till Lauras favoriter.